Press Airtight Glass Container KZ-005

  • Include: Glass Container, Color Box
  • Materials: High-borosilicate glass, ABS, Silicone Gel
  • Package Type: Color Box


  1. One-hand efficiency: pop to open, pop to seal, convenient to take things and save time
  2. Strong tight seal: 100% Airtight and Leakproof
  3. Food-grade materials, safe for storage
  4. Glass Container: made of high-borosilicate glass, BPA free, non-toxic, freezable, resistant to corrosion, and high temperature. The transparent tank is easy to identify the type and quantity of food stored
  5. The Secret of Coffee Bean Freshness: Fresh coffee beans will release a lot of carbon dioxide in a window of 4-7 days after roasting. The build-up of CO2 can significantly affect brewing, making it hard to get a tasty coffee. To find the peak flavor of freshly roasted coffee, one needs to preserve the coffee’s aromatics and allow the release of carbon dioxide. Thus, we designed the container sealed and fitted with one-way valves on the lid to release CO2.
  6. Easy to clean: the large opening of the container and the detachable design of the lid both help to make it easy to clean thoroughly.
  7. Space saving: It is designed to be stackable, saving space for storage and helping to keep things organized.
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